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Medical Professionals - Retirement Planning

Physicians and medical professionals require unique considerations for retirement planning. Some professionals require assistance with coordinating and deploying a succession plan for their practice. Other physicians need assistance balancing their income and cash flow, tax liability and future concerns. Most are thoughtfully considering their personal and professional legacy, how to protect and provide for their family, and how best to positively impact their community and contribute to the greater good around them.  

Medical professionals often encounter a distinct disadvantage in meeting mid-life financial demands due to delayed entry into the workforce. Challenged to pay down large student loan debt along with making up for the significant earning-time gap, they often need professional financial advice to effectively cover mid-life household expenses and properly plan to avoid major shortfalls upon retirement.

As retirement approaches, a firm grasp of the financial and tax implications of the gradual slowdown of their careers is required, along with estate planning and securing adequate resources for a comfortable and sustainable retirement. Working with Northwest Wealth Strategies provides the realistic assumptions and future planning that serve as key attributes in a well-planned, well-executed long-term retirement plan.

Retirement fund planning can address appropriate concerns such as:

  • Retirement income planning and advanced estate planning
  • Thorough review of estate documents, asset ownership and beneficiary designation
  • Succession planning and practice buyout strategies
  • Balancing production and overhead through career transitions
  • Integration of personal values, financial strategies and legacy vision

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