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Medical Professionals Studio

Northwest Wealth Strategies provides strategies specifically designed for physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals. The opportunity for clients to work with devoted professionals specializing in their field translates to significant value and future growth as vocational challenges for people working within the medical industry are often especially complex and unique to their field.

Physicians, surgeons and medical professionals may often be concerned with:

  • Excessive student debt and personal loan balances from early on in their career
  • Limitations on available time to properly assess and attend to financial matters
  • Establishing an individual practice or joining a professional practice*
  • Protecting income, establishing wealth and family planning
  • Protection of personal and business assets
  • Risk assessment and professional liability
  • Complex tax strategies, planning and higher tax liabilities*

We provide solutions to these issues and more daily. Our clients benefit from a higher level of expertise devoted to the medical profession and its unique challenges.

Additionally, the Medical Professionals Studio includes a well-developed network of trusted resources and referrals that give our clients direct access to top-notch resources, including medical practice and business consultants, accountants, attorneys, insurance carriers and information technology specialists. By collaborating with a variety of industry experts, we are positioned to design creative ideas, solutions and plans properly aligned with current tax law, retirement and business issues that are constantly evolving in today’s political climate.

Our top priority is helping you achieve financial security and building the financial wealth and stability that will protect and serve your family for your lifetime and beyond.

Our process is tailored to meet your needs from start to finish. Whether you’re looking at your financial situation for the first time, or need to review the financial security you’ve been working to establish for years, we are here and ready to begin where you are today. Our planning process is tailored to meet your needs and walk with you every step of the way.

* The information contained in this website is being provided with the understanding that it is not intended to be interpreted as specific legal or tax advice. Individuals are encouraged to seek the guidance of their own personal legal or tax counsel.

Residents & Fellows

Residents & Fellows

We help residents and fellows successfully navigate the many unique financial options available to them - starting on the right foot matters. 

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Northwest Wealth Strategies provides comprehensive and customized financial planning for physicians and medical professionals from residency through to retirement. 

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Physicians and medical professionals require unique considerations for retirement planning and we're here to help navigate your options.

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